[Outreach] Guest Teacher at Chardon Primary School [Skype a Scientist]



I joined the Q&A session as a guest teacher in 2nd grade class of Chardon Primary School by using Skype a Scientist.

Chardon Primary School is located at the small town in Nebraska, but I could talk with 2nd grade students on Skype. The students asked many good questions about States of Matter to me. For example, how the solid changes to the liquid? how to know if a material is a solid or liquid? Is my body a solid? Here I used the free service of Skype a Scientist to find teachers who need a guest teacher for their classes. This service is really great for scientist who want to have experience of outreach or teachers who want to make a communication with students and scientists. 

Guest Teacher of Skype a Scientist
2nd grade class, Chardon Primary School, NE
Q&A session about States of Matter

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